Pitch black

Can’t see hand before face

Can’t see cause, gender, or race

Just lifeforms

Images muddled by disbelief


Why and

When cometh Thy sweet relief

I’m shell shocked

Trouble’s my neighbor

Fair weather friend

It seems like

As soon as I breathe

Trouble begins

I long now

For nothing beyond the peace of my mind

Beyond a piece of Your time

Unmarred by this place in time

The sewage reaks

The water gets sharper with every taste

The oxygen leaks

Feels like I’m drowning in outer space

and all the while

Their glimmering smiles congratulate

Their lips serving sweet nothings

Their eyes hollow with hate

Pitch black

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...writer, lover, fellow-man; divinely adrift in a sea of inarguable genius and intellectual nuisance. Read@ robinejohnson.wordpress.com Like@ facebook.com/storiesbyrobin Follow@ twitter.com/storiesbyrobin and as always, peace, love, and think! View all posts by robin

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