Truth is.

I am a firm believer in learning. In the idea that knowledge can, and should, be acquired everywhere. And when I say “everywhere”, I literally mean everywhere. From the heart of a booming downtown business sector, to a perfectly still ravine, deep in the mountains. From a packed classroom, ablaze with fresh dialogue and passionate debate, to a tattered old chair left to decay in the back of an otherwise empty shack. Information, whether good, bad, or seemingly indifferent, can and should be absorbed—and I’ll tell you why.

I am a firm believer in absolute truth. I believe that, while some ideas prove quite complicated, some thoroughly convincing, and others equally ridiculous, there is always truth; the great equalizer. Something cannot “be” and, “not be”, at the same time. Which, sadly, has somehow crept its way into our minds as an acceptable, and even logical approach to critical thinking. But no matter how diligently we try to force our minds to accept  “Ars gratia artis”, there will always be purpose, there will always be meaning, there will always be cause and effect; no matter how delusional we become as a people. But that’s okay—and I’ll tell you why.

I am a firm believer in God. And not just any god, but the God revealed to us through the Christian Bible.The God revealed to us through nature, through beauty, through grace, through suffering, and through love. As I’ve walked with this God I have come to understand the absurdity of fear. The fear of both living and of learning. My dear reader, we cannot be afraid to listen, to read, to learn what others think, feel, and believe. We mustn’t close our ears and walk away, or change the radio or television station in fear of being abducted by alternate or opposing views. Let us learn, think, and talk like adults. Absolute truth will prevail.

You can believe that.

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